Shipping Your Next Car – It’s Not Like Ordering Pizza

“Hello, thank you for calling XYZ Auto Transport. How may I help you”? What comes next is often a surprise because of the untruths that people tell about shipping cars. This could be looked at as job security for an auto transport broker I suppose. Sometimes though the information people tell others is comical if not downright hysterically funny. When you ship a car it’s far from the simple task of ordering a takeout meal. Take pizza for example. When you order pepperoni and sausage, that’s what you get. Want extra cheese, it’s extra cheese you’ll get. This isn’t the case when shipping your car across the nation, or even overseas. Without pulling punches, let’s look at the true services offered when “shipping your next car” with door to door service.

Have you ever wondered what the term “door to door” means?

By definition in the Webster’s Dictionary, the word door means “An opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, by which to go in and out; an entrance way”. By that definition “door to door” would mean from one opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment to another, right? In the typical shipping sense that is how any one product we purchase gets to us. The manufacturer sends it to the order department. The order department prepares the order and sends it to the shipping department. It is then on it’s way to our doorstep. When you are “shipping your next car” remember it is not typical freight. First of all the “freight” in question is your car. Your car can not be shipped to your door in the literal sense, right? (being funny here, wink wink) But, many people think their car can be shipped just like a pair of mail order jeans…right to their front door. Really though there are numerous reasons this is just not so. First of all the car hauling equipment is huge. Have you ever gotten up close to one of those tractor trailer’s fully loaded with ten cars? Some of the trucks and trailers measure 80 feet long or better!

The height limit is 14 feet and their total weight limits all differ. One particular driver we interviewed said his truck measures 80 feet nose to tail. The highest point on the truck with cars on the top rack is 14 feet. His gross load weight is never over 80,000 pounds. Different states, cities and governmental sectors have varying laws dictating what, where and when large trucks can run. The size, weight and purpose of the truck determines if they can enter a residential area or not. The driver of the truck is liable for any damage done to a car being shipped. If the streets are tree lined with low hanging limbs…he won’t go there. Why? If one scratch appears on a car, he has to pay for it. He needs to clearly focus on his mission and the safety of all. You wouldn’t want your car scratched up, would you lockable car cover?

If it’s not right to my door, then what does that mean?

Since we have determined that this type of service is not literal; let’s look at the real definition of what “door to door” means in car shipping. When a broker tells you that your car will be shipped door to door; what they are telling you is this. Once your car is picked up and loaded by the driver it will remain on the same truck and trailer until it is delivered. The driver will get his equipment as close as he can to your “location”. He will also deliver it to the closest possible “location” nearest your desired address. With so many laws, restrictions and equipment limitations he is doing the very best job he can on your behalf. The driver is responsible for his truck, trailer, and your car. His responsibility also includes nine other customer’s cars, other drivers on the road and their passengers, pedestrians and any personal property in his way. So, if anyone tells you an 80 foot truck and trailer can get right to your front door…keep searching for someone who knows what they are talking about. Search for a professional to assist you in “shipping your next car” using professional door to door service. Carla J Gardiner is a retired ex-banker who handed in her keys to follow her passion, to work from home. After more than 13 years she found her way online where she is delivering her powerful message about the auto transport broker business and life changing health tips.

What to Do If You’re Car Breaks Down

When your car breaks down, it is never a fun experience. It has happened to just about everyone at one time or another. No one wants to be in that situation but there are steps you can take to help you get through it, particularly if you are not a member of an auto club. If you have a membership to an auto club then you simply need to call them for assistance. Therefore, especially if you have to handle a breakdown yourself, it is best to be prepared. Have everything in your car that you may need if you get stranded somewhere. If possible, the first thing you should do is pull safely over to the side of the road.

Cell phone: You are never going to appreciate having a cell phone more than you will if your car breaks down. If you have a cell phone you can call a service station and at least get a tow, if possible. If that is not possible, you can at least call someone to pick you up.

Flashlight: The possibility always exists that your car can break down while you are driving at night. If it does, you will want to have a flashlight handy.

Reflective warning triangles: These will help protect you and your vehicle in case of a breakdown.

Once you are over to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights to alert traffic that may be headed your way. Once you do this, follow these tips  Enter and exit your car using the door that is furthest away from traffic.  Place at least 2 reflective triangles behind your car and one in front of your car. Place the farthest one approximately 50 feet behind your car.  If possible, move away from the car to make your phone calls and also have your passengers move away from the car.  Call a tow truck, a ride, or the police. It is only natural to worry about your car but the first priority is your safety and your passenger’s safety. Most importantly, don’t panic. If you are not in a familiar area or you are travelling and do not know who to call, contact the police. These are very stressful situations and there is no need to try to handle them alone under these conditions. Keep the priorities straight. Ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers first and then the protection of your car. The car can be replaced, a human life cannot. If you have ever had a car break down, you are well aware of the benefits of having an auto club membership. More than anything else (and there is a lot) they provide you with peace of mind. Breakdowns happen, just make sure you know how to stay safe when they happen.

Repo Auto Auctions – A Fun Way to Get the Cheapest Deals on Used Cars

Attending repo auto auctions is not only a chance for the buyers to get one of the best deals on used cars, but they are a fun way to know more about different car models as well. Such auctions are usually hosted by banks, government agencies and police agencies in order to sell (or auction) the vehicles that they might have confiscated from criminals or loan defaulters. Usually, such auctions have a wide variety of models that take part and therefore, it can be a heaven for a used car enthusiast. People who have an idea about judging a car’s conditions from its physical appearance are usually the biggest gainers at such auctions. So why is it that the government and other related agencies want to get rid off these vehicles so religiously? Well, the answer is a bit complicated. First, selling off such cars generates a lot of revenue for the agencies and hence, they are preferred to be sold in auctions. Second and a more important reason for these cars being sold off at such low prices is the fact that the maintenance costs and repairing costs being incurred by the agencies in keeping these vehicles in their garages are pretty high and therefore, these agencies prefer to sell them at a decent (but lower than market) price in order to save themselves from incur further losses on maintaining these defunct vehicles. Apart from governmental agencies and banks, some private houses also conduct such auctions. Such auctions, on the other hand, are not as popular as auctions conducted by banks and government because of suspicion over the legalities involved.

Besides, cars being auctioned during government auctions have been cleared off all the dues and taxes and once sold, the cars have no association with its previous owners, whereas, this is not the case when you are purchasing used cars through private houses. Visiting repo auto auctions are not only great for those who want to get great deals on used cars, but these are also great for used car enthusiasts, hunting for a gem amongst stones. Many used car freaks frequent such auctions in order to spot a car that is being auctioned at a rate much lower than the anticipated market price. It, however, takes a lot of experience and knowledge about used cars while hunting down a great used car among hoards of average vehicles being put to auction.

Impound Auto Auctions – Looking Into Finding Auctions of Impounded Cars

Impound auto auctions are not rare nowadays. The only problem is that most people haven’t heard of these car auctions and thus miss out in great opportunities of finding the car they want. These seized car auctions can greatly save you money when buying a car. It is perfect if you want to buy a good quality used car with a branded model but cannot afford the showroom price. You will have many choices at your disposal once you join any of these auto auctions. Before you join these car auctions though, it requires some knowledge on how to go about it. Here are some things for you to consider.

Consider Your Options

Before you even set foot on the car auction grounds, it is important that you decide on what type of car you are looking for. Try to research about the type of engine, the model and makeup of the car, the color, etc. This will help narrow down your choices once you do get to the car auction grounds and realize that there are just so many cars to choose from. A part from that, it is an auction. So it will require you to do some fast thinking. Also, assign yourself and remember your bid ceiling. How much can you can afford to bid? You should remember not go beyond that. You don’t want to end up in debt for a used car that might not be worth it. So slow down and think about your options.

Ask for Information

If you are new at this and you’re not sure whether you are getting a good deal on a particular car, don’t hesitate to ask around. You can ask a friend who is already familiar with car auctions to help you out and come along so that he can assist you in finding good deals. If you are willing to spend a little extra then you can always pay a professional car expert to go with you and ask for his or her advice about the car you are eyeing. Make sure to check the vehicle identification number or VIN and the amount of mileage on the used cars to get a picture whether it is worth your money or not. You have at least a couple of days to inspect the vehicles in a seized car auction. You should as well choose at least two or three cars. In this way, you can have something to fall back on in case your first choice doesn’t pull through.

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